MWD / LWD Services

Well Guidance provides MWD / LWD tools that are engineered to endure some of the toughest drilling conditions. Our standard tools are designed to withstand borehole temperatures of up to 175°C.

Our team has a wealth of experience in MWD systems, built from the knowledge of a variety of vendors spanning more than 20 years. Using a variety of exotic metals, such as Toughmet, Nitronic-50, among others, our specially modified tools machined to our high specifications have the durability to withstand even the harshest drilling fluids, solid contents as well as shocks and vibrations. In addition, our pressure barrels can withstand hydrostatic pressures in excess of 20,000 psi. Our ruggedized directional sensor package transmits highly accurate directional data from its downhole Directional Electronics module (DM) back to surface. Tri-axial measurements received from the DM’s magnetometers and accelerometers are QA/QC verified and processed through our proprietary software algorithms. While real-time, rapid toolface transmission to the driller’s display allows our Directional Drilling Engineers to steer the wellbore even in the most sophisticated well profiles with confidence.

The modular design has a communication bus that allows the addition of up to 10 logging measurements functions such as vibrations monitoring, Gamma and Resistivity logging or even a drilling Gyro, while also storing data in memory.

Our surface electronics and decoding system uses the latest in Wireless communications to reduce rig-up time of our drilling displays to the driller’s cabin, and also minimize running additional lengthy cables on location.


Technology currently used in Formula1 is applied in the maintenance of our downhole equipment, giving Well Guidance that extra edge, where performance matters most.


To reduce lost in hole risks our MWD/LWD system is wireline / slickline retrievable as standard. This has the potential to save our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars, and considered essential for any geothermal project, where economics are particularly tight.