Drilling Motors

We can provide a full range of Oil-Sealed Positive Displacement Mud Motors (PDMs) ranging in sizes from 3 ⅛” to 11 ¼” to drill your well-bore.

With available Power Sections of up to 9-5/8″ OD from industry leading manufacturers, and with the latest in high-performance elastomer and power-sections technology, Well Guidance Directional Drilling Services has a customized package that can be tailored to meet your particular well demands.

The mud-motor configuration can be suited to all needs with multiple options available, with the Adjustable Bend Housing (ABH) generally available in a range of 0° to 3°, and fitted with a sleeve-stabilizer in a variety of sizes to suit BHA performance and optimising well trajectory. They are easily adjusted at the rig-site, if necessary.

  • Performance Drilling
  • Directional Drilling
  • Well-bore/casing clean-up

Our motors have a reputation for quality and are manufactured and serviced by a company with a pedigree built on excellence in design, expertise and customer focus. Engineered to be robust, our fleet can comfortably handle the demanding criteria of performance drilling and provide reliable operation in harsh drilling environments such as the North Sea, Crystalline or Volcanic formations, while being subjected to the full-spectrum of drilling fluids and well-bore temperatures.

The projects our team has been involved in stretches across multiple Geographic areas across the world, working with numerous Energy Clients from the Oil & Gas and Geothermal industries.

We look forward to discussing your project requirements.

New Build PDMs